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Alexander Navasca Skinstad

Electronics Engineer

Graduated spring 2020 from NTNU i Gjøvik with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering. My interests are in embedded systems, hardware, FPGA, cybernetics and robotics and similar, and would like to learn more within these fields. I am currently working fulltime at Proserv Norge AS as an Electronics Design Engineer.

In addition to my academic background I have also been an active member and leader of the LabOps group in Hackerspace NTNU. This has strengthened my ability to cooperate with others.

I also have a passion for teaching the younger generation in the maths and sciences, and encouraging them to follow a career in a technological or scientific field.

I look forward to new challenges and opportunities which lets me expand my knowledge, and use my skills to make a positive impact within technology and innovation.


2023 -

Proserv, Strandveien 43, 7067 Trondheim

Electronics Design Engineer

Full-time position where I am responsible for developing electronic boards as well as test equipment and documentation according to relevant standards for a company that manufacturs and develops subsea control modules.

I will be making boards level schematics and layout which meet internal and customer requirements, as well as develop manufacture procedures to ensure that we deliver good quality products.

While designing, I will also make design documentation covering all major decisions made in the process and justification for chosen design, as well as making sure that test procedures are in order.

At all times I am to understand relevant industry standards, carrying out work in a timely manner and according to the companies HSE and QA procedures, and continually ensure that the environment that I work in is safe and the facilities tools and equipment are in good order at all times

May - August 2023

Proserv, Strandveien 43, 7067 Trondheim

Hardware Engineer

Summer internship with part-time in May and full-time in June, July and August.

The position involves improvement of new and existing PCB design. I was tasked with designing a PCB that could emulate valves using a Raspberry Pi from "scratch". Which includes troubleshooting a former relevant PCB design, and test that the new one works with Proserv's existing test system.

In this position I am getting more familiar with popular EDA tools such as KiCad and will be familiarizing myself with more industry grade EDA software such as Cadstar or Altium at a later period. I also use LTspice as an important step to test small parts of the circuits I make to verify functionality, and as a way of planning in advance before designing PCB's in order to improve my workflow

I am also in the process of getting more used to documenting tutorials, technical specifications and solutions using Microsoft Azure Devops

March - May 2023

Eltorque, Julianus Holms Veg 34, 7041 Trondheim

Hardware Developer

I was responsible for troubleshooting existing PCB design used to control actuators on-board ships among other things, and suggest necessary measures to prevent these in the future.

Through this experience I developed stronger analytical skills and the ability to work with complex electronic circuits, and got more familiar with the circuit simulator program LTspice

January - May 2023

OneCo Networks, Klæbuveien 196B, 7037 Trondheim


The position involved installing routers and decoders in the Trondheim area .

In addition to the installation itself, it was important to ensure that the equipment worked as it should before we left the customer. An important part of the job was to explain in a way that the customer understood how to use the products we delivered. I emphasized in being patient and calm in my approach in order to ensure that they felt taken care of

2022 - 2023

NTNU, Høgskoleringen 1, 7034 Trondheim

Teaching Assistant

  • TTK4235 - Embedded Systems
  • Assisted students in the lab and corrected assignments relevant to tools and software used within embedded developement Including version control using git, documenting code in doxygen, debugging in GNU and building code using MAKE. The students also had to familiarize themselves with Linux (Ubuntu). We also assisted them in the elevator project and micro:bit assignments which were programmed in C. While also conducting FAT tests on the elevator project to ensure that the elevators met the requirements set by the assignment
  • TTK4230 - Control Systems
  • Assisted in practice hall hours and corrected assignments in control systems theory. The assignments were conducted in MATLAB

June - December 2022

Thelma Biotel, Klæbuveien 196B, 7037 Trondheim


Soldering and mechanical assembly of accoustic transmitters and receivers.

Later I started making a system for measuring current usage for these accoustic transmitters and receivers using a current sensing PCBA and Python

June - August 2021

Mohagesvingen 8, 2770 Jaren


Summer internship as part of a Master's degree.

I was responsible for programming an ABB YuMi robot, also known as a cobot, as a step towards streamlining their production line for Easee chargers. In addition I used Fusion 360 to design and make 3D-models of gripper solutions which were used by the cobot.

Through this project I gained valuable experience with both robot-programming and 3D-design as well as how to communicate more effectively with other engineers.

2018 - 2020

NTNU i Gjøvik, Teknologivegen 22, 2815 Gjøvik

Teaching Assistant

  • ELE3412 - Signal Processing for Communications Systems
  • Corrected mandatory assignments within signal processing and wireless communication
  • ELE1050 - Electronics
  • Corrected mandatory assignments and labjournals/protocols
  • ELE2131 - Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
  • Assisted during practice hall/lab hours with various assignments surrounding digital electronics and microcontrollers, and corrected those same assignments The labs taught the students fundamental programming of an 8-bits Atmel microcontroller
  • IELE1002 - Computer Engineering
  • Assisted students during lab hours with fundamental C-programming
  • TØL1002 - Introduction to Engineering
  • Corrected essays which reflected students' thoughts about various engineering and science topics
  • REA2081 - Mathematics 2 for Electrical Engineering
  • Helped students understand various concepts such as linear algebra, infinite series, laplace- and z-transforms and fourier series during practice hall hours
  • REA1141 - Mathematics 1
  • Helped students understand various mathematical topics such as complex numbers, differentiation, integration, differential equations and vector- and parametric functions during practice hall hours

2019 - 2020

ENT3R Gjøvik, Teknologivegen 22, 2815 Gjøvik

Math and Science Tutor

Tutoring middle and high school students in mathematics and other science subjects, and generally increase the younger generation's motivation for pursuing an education within science and technology subjects.

During spring of 2019 I also worked as a substitute tutor, helping these same types of students preparing for their exams


2020 -

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Masters in Industrial Cybernetics

2-year MSc in Industrial Cybernetics

Completed most of the subjects and the 6-week required internship, and currently on a temporary leave before finishing the last part of the degree at a later time

2017 - 2020

NTNU i Gjøvik

Bachelors in Electronics Engineering

3-year BSc in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Electronics

2014 - 2017

Gjøvik Videregående Skole

High School Diploma

2015 - 2017 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) with STEM subjects equivalent to:

  • Mathematics R1+R2
  • Physics 1+2
  • Chemistry 1+2

2014-2015 Studiespesialisring with electives:

  • Mathematics 1T
  • Spanish


March - August 2023

Online/Mercure City South, Antwerp, Belgium

Event staff

A furry convention where I was part of a team responsible for planning events in advance and participate in keeping the events in order physically at the convention in early August (3rd - 6th).

We held meetings once a month before the convention and will be actively cooperating in ensuring that the attendees will have as good time as possible while at the convention

2020 - 2022

NTNU, Høgskoleringen 1, 7034 Trondheim

LabOps member and leader

Hackerspace NTNU is a student-driven makerspace for all students at NTNU. The workshop offers 3D-printers, various electronics, VR equipment, a laser cutter, and soldering tools. In addition, Hackerspace provides courses and workshops for bringing any project to life.

As a member of the subgroup LabOps in 2020-2021 I was part of maintaining the workshop, plan courses, arrange stands and generally promote for the organization.

I later became leader for the same subgroup in 2021-2022 where, in addition to the tasks mentioned above, I was responsible for holding meeting, participate in board meetings, and generally have the main responsibility for the subgroup

2018 - 2019

NTNU, Høgskoleringen 1, 7034 Trondheim

Reference group member

Was in a meeting with the course instructer a few times during the semester to discuss how to improve following courses:

  • REA2101 - Physics and Chemistry
  • ELE3412 - Signal Processing for Communications Systems

2015 - 2017

Gjøvik Bibliotek og Litteraturhus, Kauffeldts Plass 1, 2815 Gjøvik


I was responsible for tutoring people every wednesday in basic computer usage, such as creating Word documents and using the Internet.

This was to increasing the technical abilities of the population, primarily the elderly, who have challenges using technical aids that might risk being left out of society.